Integrating Magento into TYPO3


The project „TypoGento“ was shut down!

Typogento is a combination of two Plugins/Extensions for TYPO3 and Magento. Also see Flagbit TYPO3!

What is TypoGento?

TypoGento is a middleware service that connects the content management system TYPO3 (version 4.2+) and the e-commerce application Magento. This enables companies and organisations to seemlessly include feature-rich shopping possibilities into their web site. It was initially developed by the German web development agency Flagbit.

Because both of the integrated products are open source projects the middleware is for free as well. Everybody is encouraged to use it, change it and enhance it – and certainly give us feedback about it.

Enterprise Content Management with TYPO3

TYPO3 is the most successful Web Content Management System on the Open Source market segment. It is backed by a huge community that produced over 3,000 extensions for almost every need of web applications.

This includes functionality like:

  • flexible content elements with Rich Text Editing
  • huge functionality by community extensions, f.e. blogs, calenders, document management, forums, news, photo galleries, wikis and many more,
  • multi-site, multi-domain, multi-language management
  • enhanced user rights management
  • easy & flexible templating possibilities
  • advanced caching algorithms for performance optimization
  • content staging and versioning
  • speaking URLs management
  • broad variety of image functions
  • non-profit organization and huge community behind the product

TYPO3 also offers e-commerce extensions, but those are not as feature-rich and optimized as stand-alone e-commerce applications. This means integrating Magento’s powerful services into TYPO3 is more or less a logical step.

Enterprise E-Commerce with Magento

Magento is an open source application for e-commerce services. It was developed by the US-American e-commerce specialist Varien Inc. and initially published on March 31st, 2008. Magento brings a modern architecture, high flexibility, maintainability and enhancability as well as a huge list of built-in features to the e-commerce market. This includes:

  • standard shop mechanisms
  • offers five types of products – simple, configurable, grouped, bundle and virtual products – to address all kinds of different products (downloadable products to be featured in future releases)
  • large marketing features (f.e. up selling or cross selling, newsletter generation or pricing possibilities)
  • good analytics and reporting features (f.e. abandoned cart report, search term report)
  • search engine optimization (f.e. well formed XHTML source code, optimized URLs)
  • internationalization support
  • multi-shop and multi-store-view functionality as well as possibility to have different designs for different categories or products
  • well-designed interfaces for other business related applications
  • and many more…

Taking all this into consideration, Magento is one of the hottest e-commerce products available. Try out the Magento demo store!

TypoGento is no longer available, but that doesn´t mean TYPO3 and Magento can´t match. Read more about it on Flagbit TYPO3!