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Sign of life

It’s been quite some time since the last time we updated anything about TypoGento. On behalf of the whole TypoGento team I’d like to apologize for not being able to publish anything within the last couple of months.¬†For quite some months now Magento has been stuffing our schedules now. We’re still convinced Magento is the best E-Commerce system around and that’s why we need TypoGento to be around for quite some more time.

We’re currently working on a new version 0.6 which will be compatible with the current Magento versions. Additionally we’re planning to develop a first stable final version of TypoGento until Meet Magento #2 in the beginning of November. If you have features that need to be in there - let us know.

Additionally we have been thinking about a global search mechanism that indexes TYPO3 pages and contents as well as Magento shop articles. Basically there are two possibilities: Use TYPO3 based standard search engine “Indexed Search” or the Magento search engine. What do you guys think? Which option would be the better choice? Any more options?

Thanks for anybody supporting us with advices about how to make TypoGento compatible again. We really appreciate this.

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  1. infield says:

    We would love to see user group mapping between Magento to TYPO3.

    Looking forward to the next release. :)

  2. infield says:

    We would love to see user group mapping between Magento and TYPO3.

    Looking forward to the next release. :)

  3. David says:

    Nice to read that you guys are still alive! ;)

  4. torstendlp says:


    great to hear from you again.
    We all know that you work very hard and that it is not a obligation for you to go fast forward with T3 and that you have to look at your business in the frist place. I think everyboda understands this and is thankful that someone at all tries to bring a great thing like Typogento forward.

    I try to get a typogento-version working right now… with some problems ;-)
    Maybe you could take a look at the BugTracker at the issues 0000030 and 0000034. Any help would be appreciated!

    As you ask about feature requests in your article. Two things I would love to see:
    1. Inclusion of Magento KWs and Description in Typo3 pages for products etc.

    2. The possibility to display the overview version of products (like in the product list) on any T3-page. It should be possible to choose freely, which products whould be displayed on which page.
    Example: I am migrating a shop with a huge amount of static content pages to T3 right now. The Content-Part has about 6000 pages with informations around our products, manufacturers etc. It would be great if I could include a product list (as gallery or in list view) on each page, that fits the pages subject. Therefore it would be great not only to have the option to show a single category or a single product detail but to exactly specify which products whould be displayed in a content element of each page (chosen from a list or by product number).

    Thank you very much for your ongoing work with Typogento!


  5. We started to use mnogosearch several month ago. I think it’s faster and more flexible than “indexed search”. You can find the details here: http://mnogosearch.org and there is a T3 plugin by Dmity Dulepov in the T3 extension repository.

  6. Which search to use… that’s a tough call. It seems that I would lean toward the TYPO3 search since (I’m totally guessing) most people using Typogento are focusing on the TYPO3 side of things more than that Mangento side of things.

    The nice thing about search in Magento is the popular search terms that are automatically generated. This is an excellent SEO feature built right into Magento that has helped us generate more traffic on our sites.

    There are bonuses on both sides of the fence. I probably prefer that indexed search be used.

  7. Falko says:

    Hello, nice work with typogento! I think mnogosearch would be an option for both (I know there is an extension mnogosearch for TYPO3), but it requires additional software (but if TYPO3 and MAGENTO integrate, why not MnoGoSearch, too?) to be installed. Keep up with your good work, Falko

  8. Nightowl says:


    Sounds good, I’m working with both TYPO3 and Magento and have a few project where Typogento might be the perfect solution. Do you have any idea when version 0.6 will be published?

    As I read this post the newest Magento is not compatible with typogento 0.5.1 - How incompatible are they? Can you install it and make a few changes to the core or is it best to just wait for typogento 0.6?

  9. Hello,

    What is the planned release date for Typogento 6.0? I’ve just started with this and have Magento installed.
    I’m asking this so I’ll know if it’s worth downgrading Magento for now.
    If 6.0 is released next week or so I won’t have to.


  10. georgk says:

    I’m not aware of the features & inner workings of the magento-searchengine,
    however I’d definitely vote against indexed_search as for its well known performance issues on large sites.
    Currently we prefer to use mnogosearch (with dmitry’s typo3-extension) for large instances, and are planning to test lucene for comparison.
    hth georg

  11. ThaKilla says:

    There’s a new TypoGento Version and everything works fine.

  12. Jochem says:

    If speed is of any relevance, indexed search should not be used. See dimitri’s blogpost on indexed search (http://dmitry-dulepov.com/article/eight-performance-tips-for-your-typo3-web-site.html). I haven’t tested indexedsearch on a large site with full indexed search capability, but on a small site it gave an enormous performance boost (search took 1 second instead of 25) so maybe that WOULD be an option.

    Mnogosearch is a good option, but apache solr is too. I dont really know if and how Solr integrates with the current Typo3 version but it will be in V5.0 though. See this presentation of the possibilities Solr offers:


  13. Badgergirl says:

    Not much signs of life nowadays… What has happened to this project, which I thought sounded very promising…?

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